Amethystine Lace Agate with Native Silver Crystals, aka Sowbelly Agate, Creed, Colorado

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Here is a very unique specimen of Amethystine Lace Agate, aka Sowbelly Agate with Native Silver Crystals from Creed District, Mineral County, Colorado.

This agate is usually slabbed vertically which shows its amethyst banding well, which can look like strips of Bacon, that is where it received it's nickname of "Sowbelly Agate".

This type of agate, has layers of amethyst in differing shades running through it. The person that cut this piece thought it might be interesting to cut a piece he had with a thick purple band on the top horizontally. 

When it was cut, it revealed a large amount of Native Silver Crystals within this outer band, which gave this slab and even more interesting look. The slab is translucent, a good amount of light comes through when back lit. 

In the photos you will see this slab and a slab showing the way this agate is usually cut. I will included the other piece of Sowbelly agate with this purchase.

The slab with silver crystals measures about 5 x 4 inches and is 1/4 inch thick, 124 mm x 97 mm x 7.11 mm. and weighs 131.6 grams.