Zambian Amethyst Facet & Cabbing Rough Parcel, 1.818 kg / 4 Lbs.

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Here is an amazing parcel of Amethyst Facet / Cabbing / Wrapping / Carving rough. This rough is natural, untreated Amethyst from Zambia, Africa in it's natural state.

There is 1818 grams / 4 Lbs. or 9090 carats in this parcel. This is a good to top quality, mixed lot of rough crystals for faceting, cabbing, wrapping or carving.

These have the most amazing deep purple with flashes of pink. Some pieces are a little lighter than others, but all have amazing color. Piece range in weight from approx. 4 grams up to 52 grams.

This parcel is being offered at a blow out price well below wholesale prices! At less than 50 cents per gram, you cannot find comparable material anywhere for this price.

This parcel will only be sold as a whole, no cherry picking. If the parcel does not meet your needs, you must return the entire parcel for a refund.