Ore from Benitoite Mine, by the pound. ( 5 pound minimum order )

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5 pound Minimum Order. I am offering here for sale pieces of ore from the Benitoite Gem Mine by the pound. As with all mineral specimens, each piece is truly a one of a kind! They are 100% natural and have not been cleaned with anything other than water.  

This ore is blue schist, crossite, with natrolite from the mine. The pieces may show some signs of neptunite crystals but no benitoite crystals are showing or obvious. The pieces range in size from about 2 inches up to 8 inches in diameter. All of the pieces have natrolite on them. If you know this matrix, then you know the possibility is there in and under the natrolite for benitoite, as natrolite was the last mineral to form in this area covering most crystals, but there can be no guarantees.  

Minimum order is 5 pounds. You must enter the number of pounds you wish to purchase below, as Qty. 5 = 5 pounds. Please specify approx. size of pieces you would like. If buyer does not contact me and let me know the size of pieces they require, then the order will be filled at random.

*This is truly a treasure hunt for the mineral collector. I cannot guarantee what you might find, but if you like to etch your own mineral samples, then this material may be for you.