Benitoite Crystal Bottle, 50 Carats

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These bottles are each filled with a minimum of 50 carats of small benitoite crystal.

The bottles contain benitoite crystals that are transparent to crossite included. You will find crystals from deep blue to white in color, along with grayish crossite included crystals.

This is all small specimen crystals in each bottle, the photos show examples. 

Highly fluorescent crystals under shortwave UV lighting ( out of the bottle).

The white to clear crystals will not only fluoresce blue under shortwave UV, but they will fluoresce pinkish red under longwave UV, where the blue crystals will show no longwave UV fluorescence.  

These are held in with a pressure fit cork. Removing the cork in most cases will damage or destroy the cork.

You are purchasing one bottle, unless you increase the amount when making your purchase. The photos are used to show examples, the crystals in each bottle will vary.