Benitoite Specimens and other Benitoite Mine Minerals

Benitoite and associated mineral specimens from the Benitoite Gem Mine. 

 If you have any questions at all about a specimen, please send me an email.


Our Specimen Size Definitions


Generic Dimensions




Thumbnail Specimen (TN)


20-30 mm

3/4 to 1-1/8"

Miniature Specimen (Min) 

3-5 cm

30-50 mm

1-1/8 to 2"

Small Cabinet Specimen (SCab)

5-10 cm

50-100 mm

2 to 4"

Cabinet Specimen (Cab)

over  10 cm

over  100 mm

over  4"



THUMBNAIL (TN):  any specimen that fits in a 1.25 inch square "Perky box".   * Many specimens labeled (TN) are actually large than most. Many dealers might call them miniatures. My (TN) Specimens are only mounted in the Perky boxes for display, but could be mounted on acrylic. 

MINIATURE (Min):  a specimen larger than a thumbnail (TN), that can fit into a 2-inch square box

SMALL CABINET (SCab): a specimen larger than a Miniature (Min) and smaller than a Cabinet (Cab)

CABINET (Cab): A hand-sized specimen larger than 4 inches (10 cm ) in a dimension