Faceted Benitoite, Matched Pair, .49 cts., 3.75 mm, Colorless to Light Blue

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Clarity: VVS

Type: Benitoite,
Luster: Excellent ,
Weight: ..49 ctw.
Origin: San Benito County, California  USA,
Size:  3.75 mm
Color:  Colorless to Light Blue

Shape: Round Brilliant Cut


Here is a beautiful pair of color matched light blue Benitoite gems that are calibrated 3.75 mm stones.

The color of this set is light blue to colorless, and the stones are very clean, actually loupe clean.

Good quality, light colored benitoite such as these are the hardest to come by. These benitoite gems show benitoite Pleochroism very well, making the stones appear colorless, slightly lighter or even darker in color depending on the orientation when viewed. The dispersion is so great that it was difficult to get a great photo of these beautiful gems without all of the other colors coming through.  

These beauties are ready to be set as accent stones or as stud earrings. They have amazing fire in the sunlight.