Mineral & Gems of the World Pack, 1/2 pound / 1134 carats

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In this Minerals & Gems of the World package, you'll receive approx. 1/2 pound or 1134 carats of rough minerals and crystals from around the world. 

(Also available in 1 pound packs)

These minerals are all randomly scooped from quantities purchased directly from the mines, then washed, weighed, and placed in the bags. Some crystals may be loose and some are still in matrix.

Most pieces are specimen grade material, however there are some that may be facet or cab grade material.

This mine rough has already been washed, so it is ready to be searched and identified. Just spread them out and start identifying your gemstones.

***PLEASE USE CAUTION: Some Crystals might have sharp edges***

(Hint): Even though your gemstone rough has been previously washed, giving a small spray of water helps them sparkle and will make them easier to identify.

Great gift for the rockhound or mineral collector in your life!

The photos are a representation of what you will receive. Sizes and number of piece will vary from pack to pack.


Our new packs include the following:

Amethyst from Africa,Brazil or Mexico


Aquamarine from Brazil


Citrine from Brazil or Uruguay


Emerald from Columbia or Brazil


Fluorite from Mexico


Kyanite from Brazil


Quartz crystal from Brazil, China or Pakistan


Peacock Ore (Chalcopyrite) from Mexico


Pyrite from Mexico


Sunstone from Oregon


Tourmaline from California, Brazil or Afghanistan