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Here is a letter from just one of our satisfied tourmaline ore buyers. Not every buyer will have finds this nice, but then again, some have found even better pieces!

Dear Wayne,

I hope all is well with you! I purchased your 10 pound Mesa Grande Tourmaline Gravel Bag in February and it has been waiting for the warm spring here in Massachusetts for me to open it!
Well, this week end I got out my sifter and went to work on the bag. I was truly amazed at what I found! I am attaching some photos of my finds, but I must tell you, this put the spark of excitement in me that I haven't felt in 25 years, when I used to prospect for tourmaline at Mt. Mica in South Paris, Maine.
There was a total of 102.5 carats of tourmaline crystals, green and pink. In the green crystals, small stones could be cut from them. 
The pink crystals were gemmy with one being gem quality, although small it could cut small stones.
The " find" of the bag was a 16 carat, light blue green tourmaline spray that measured a bit over 1+1/2 inches long and was gemmy and gem quality in spots. The crystals were also terminated. 
I don't know what current prices are, but I am sure I exceeded the price I paid for the bag.
I hope to order another one soon, it was great, and you, by far, have the best gem bags in the industry!
Take Care,
Bill Safer
Worcester, Ma.    
PS- I took the time to write as I felt you deliver a superb experience as well as specimens, please feel free to use this letter and photos, anyway you wish! Thanks! Bill


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