Benitoite Mine Gravel Bucket

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Price: $374.99

This is our Benitoite Mine Gravel Bucket. 1, 5 gallon bucket screened, equals 40 lbs. of material.

You get 40 pounds of raw ore gravel that was dug by us directly at the mine. This amount of gravel is the equivalent of one, 5 gallon bucket that has been sifted using a 1/16 inch screen, to remove most of the fine dirt and possibly any scorpions or creepy crawlies! We use very fine screens so you are getting everything but the finest dirt.

That is not to say that you will not find dirt in your gravel, there are dirt clods that we do not remove since crystals can be found incased within and most of the gravel and matrix is covered in dirt. Most all of the loose fine grain dirt has been removed. In a 5 gallon bucket, the dirt can weigh as much as 20 pounds. We have concentrated it for you and it can now be shipped in 2 flat rate postal boxes of 20 pounds each, saving you addition shipping costs.


This gravel has not been searched in anyway. We dug it, sifted it once to remove most of the lose dirt and any bugs, and then filled our buckets.

The ore gravel is mostly covered in dirt and is randomly dug from different areas of the mine into each bucket, so we have no way of knowing what might be in each bucket.

Please see our How To page, for proper ways to search for Benitoite.

I can tell you that we dug for ourselves at the same areas we took this gravel from. After washing what we had dug up, we came home with some unbelievable specimens and stones.



At present there is only 1 other person selling Benitoite gravel bags on the internet and he's getting $40 per pound, and that is not even for mine dug gravel, it is for a down stream Placer Claim. Here you are getting 40 pounds of gravel dug directly from the mine site for about $8.75 per pound. If you know benitoite, then you know 1 nice specimen or one small gem quality crystal can easily pay for the cost of these buckets and then some!

Benitoite specimens start in the $50 range and go into the thousands! Average prices for specimens are in the hundreds of dollars. Gem quality stones over a carat in size, once cut start at $2500 per carat and go up rapidly from there depending on the 4 C's, carat, cut, clarity and color!   

If you are interested in a larger quantity purchase of mine gravel, please send us an email.


The gravel is mostly covered in dirt and is randomly scooped into each gravel pack, so we have no way of knowing what might be in each bag. You might find some facet rough or specimen material, just like mining, you never know.

You may find some specimen material, some triangle floaters or some benitoite rough for faceting or cabbing. Benitoite is very rare. If you find a single cuttable crystal you have done well.

You just never know, just like digging at the mine. Please remember that all mining is a gamble! Miners say "You could be one inch from a million or a million inches from one". The more gravel you go thru, the greater your chances. We strongly suggest the use of a "Filtered" Short wave UV light when searching your gravel, since many of the pieces found are crossite included and can be easily missed.