Morganite, Tourmaline, Lepidolite, Cleavelandite, White Queen Mine, San Diego Co., CA

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Beryl var. Morganite, w/ Tourmaline, Lepidolite & Cleavelandite
White Queen Mine, Pala District, San Diego County, California

3.4 cm x 3.3 cm x 2.3 cm, ex. Allen Silverstein coll.


Here is a small beauty out of an older collection. Labeled as Tourmaline with Morganite, obviously the predominant mineral on the specimen is Morganite, and what a beauty it is.

It is a very well formed crystal that can look either peach or pink depending on the lighting. The crystal is well formed with many visible terminations showing.

Most of the terminated faces have a satin finish, but the front and back faces have high luster.

The tourmaline crystal that is most visible, obviously grew first and the morganite grew around it. Then at some point, the forces caused the tourmaline to break.

The top of the tourmaline is healed, but what is amazing to see is that the morganite continued to slightly grow after this event, partially closing in the area the top of the tourmaline crystal had been.

Also present is a nice amount of lepidolite and at the base is blue cleavelandite, the differing colors give it a wonderful look.

The label that came with this specimen was hand written. It states the locale as being the Pala Queen Mine.

This was a mistake made by some back in the day, as the mine was first called the Queen Mine, and since it was in the Pala district, many specimens were labeled the "Pala Queen Mine".