Twinned Benitoite Crystals, aka Star of David

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Extremely Rare! About 2 dozen partial stars have been found in the 105 year since the discovery of benitoite. Less than 6 perfect twinned stars are known to have ever been discovered.

Where do I begin to describe this amazingly rare crystal that nature created.

Benitoite is one of the rarest minerals on earth. Gem and specimen quality benitoite is only found one place on earth, a small 40 acre parcel of land in the Diablo Mountain range in San Benito County, California. The mine has gone by many names in it's hundred plus year history. The was first called the Dallas Mine, then referred to as The Cole Mine, The Gem Mine, The Benitoite Gem Mine and now is called The California State Gem Mine.The crystal structure of benitoite, until it's discovery, was only theoretical and has not been found in nature since.

Benitoite belongs to the hexagonal crystal system of minerals. In the early days of theoretical development of crystallography, it was hypothesized that there was a class of the hexagonal system that would produce trigonally shaped crystals, but a crystal this shape had never before been found in nature.  With the discovery of benitoite,  the mineral world was provided with the first species known to crystallize in the ditrigonal-dipyramidal class of the hexagonal crystal system.  

Twinning of benitoite occurs on the c-axis, with two crystals rotated 180 degrees. Centered twinned crystals are referred to as a "Star of David" due to their perfect six sided star shape.

This twinned benitoite crystal is a nice, more affordable example of this rare crystal formation. Only approximately 6 fully formed complete "Star of David" twins have ever been discovered in the mine's 105 year history.  As you can see in the photos, the benitoite crystals are crossite included, giving them a bluish gray color.  This star has been weathered and naturally etch by the elements over millions of years. Each crystal in this star is triple terminated. Some of it's tips however have either been weather etched of broken off sometimes over millions of years since it formed. 

This crystal measures 1.06 cm. It is well formed and is double sided. Each crystal is fully terminated. Look close enough and you will clearly see both sides of the C faces on both crystals.

In the hobby of crystal collecting, this is the Holy Grail.

This is a must have for the rare mineral or crystal collector.

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The photos below are extreme close ups. The photos do not do this rare specimen justice.