Chatham Emerald Cluster, (Min), 56.22 carats

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"Chatham" Emerald cluster, Lab Grown, Old stock from San Francisco, CA.

Here is beautiful emerald green cluster of well terminated crystals.

56.22 carats,  2.0 cm x 2.63 cm. 

Though many types of gemstones have been produced synthetically in laboratories, some of the finest were developed by a man named Carroll Chatham of San Francisco, California.

Some have said the finest his company ever produced, were done so before his passing in the early 1980's. This cluster is from that time.

Chatham Emeralds are lab grown. Even though they are lab grown, they are real emeralds. All gems and minerals are a combination of atomic molecules that bond to form a specific chemical structure.  Sometimes called synthetic, lab-created gems have the same chemical structure and composition as those found in nature, usually with some additional variation so that they can be distinguished from the natural grown minerals. This variation allows the new gem to be identified as lab created, often to the specific lab it was grown in. I believe these emeralds fluoresce brighter that any emerald created by nature.

This is one of only two specimens I still have that were purchased from John Chatham many years ago, and were from his fathers old stock before his passing.

Even my photos cannot do the color of these Emeralds justice.