Fluorite w/ Chalcopyrite Specimen, Multi Color Zoned, Illinois, (SCab)

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Here is a specimen of one of the great "classics" from the United States.

This amazing multi color zoned Fluorite comes from Cave - in - Rock, Hardin County, Illinois. 

Some of the most colorful and stunning Fluorite specimens ever found in the United States (or virtually any world locality) are those from Hardin County, Illinois. This district produced some of the finest quality, multi-colored Fluorite the world has ever seen.

This specimen features several, sharp, gemmy, multicolor (blue, purple, lilac and golden) cubic "phantom" crystals of Fluorite. The quality of this specimen is great for the material.  This specimen also has Chalcopyrite on the surface and under the second generation of fluorite. This cluster of crystals has a healed back end or second generation fluorite.

A colorful and gemmy small cabinet display specimen with only very minimal edge wear of this well known material. It measures approx. 7.46 cm x 5.18 cm x 4.59 cm

Please view all the photos. They cannot do this beauty the justice it deserves.