Fluorite & Quartz, Petroleum included / Fluorescent, Illinois

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Fluorite & Quartz, Petroleum included, Illinois.
5.5 cm x 3.38 cm x 2.6 cm 

If you like the odd and weird from Illinois, then you have to add this to your collection.

I had posted this piece a while back and we did not get much input from the community about where it might have come from. We did however rule out many mines. It is a head scratcher for sure.
This is a very unique specimen of color zoned fluorite. There are very small crystals of chalcopyrite included in the fluorite. However there is a cluster of quarts crystal that grew onto of the fluorite in an earlier generation. The two main crystals are approx. 1.8 cm long. They has some slight bitumen outer coating and a slight bit of it included in the tips of the crystals. However throughout most of these quartz crystals is yellow light petroleum that is very highly fluorescent. The is some small amount of this fluorescence in the fluorite also in certain areas, but nothing like the quartz crystals.