Fluorite & Sphalerite, Minerva #1 Mine, Hardin County, Illinois

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Fluorite & Sphalerite
Minerva #1 Mine, Hardin County, Illinois
9.5 cm x 6.7 cm x 6.2 cm
ex. Kurt Wiesmayer Collection

The see a Video of this specimen, Click Here.

Here is a beautiful specimen of mutil color zoned fluorite, Purple, blue and yellow, on sphalerite from the famous mine.

This is a double sided specimen, the front side has a few large fluorite cubes up to 2.7 cm, centered is some very well crystallized gemmy sphalerite crystals.

What gives them even a more unique look, in the crystals that have the yellow first generation growth, it looks as if barite may have formed, which framed this core with a white zone. 

The created a white outline for the yellow growth, making the inner zones stand out even more.

The back side is covered in purple and blue fluorite crystals, some with petroleum inclusions that can only be seen using a UV light. Some slight bruising is present, mainly to edge crystals, but does not visually take away from this beautiful specimen.