Purple and Yellow Fluorite (SCab) Solis, Asturias, Spain

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Here is a fantastic, small cabinet size specimen of Purple and Yellow Fluorite in matrix.  It comes from the La Moscona Mines,  Solis, Asturias, Spain. 

This unique colored fluorite from Spain is a small cabinet size specimen, but is large and almost listed as a cabinet size.  It weighs 622 grams. It measures approx. 8.97 cm wide x 8.85 cm tall x 6.25 cm thick.

It is rare to find puple fluorite from this mine, but even more rare to have two colors, purple and yellow fluorite crystals on the same piece of matrix. By looking at the specimen you can see that the yellow flourite formed first and the purple fluorite formed second generation. There are however a few crystals that are 50 / 50 in color. There are also a few clusters of barite crystals present.

Please take your time and view the many photos below. The photos do not do this large specimen justice. 

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