Rare Fluorite on Calcite Specimen, Gaskins Mine, Pope County, Illinois, (SCab)

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Here is a very rare Fluorite specimen from Illinois. This amazing Fluorite and Calcite specimen comes from the Gaskins Mine, Minerva Oil Company, Pope County, Illinois.

Where do I begin to describe this amazing specimen. 

It was mined sometime in the early 1970's. This mine was only open for a few short years. This rare color combination with it's longwave and shortwave fluorescence, was only found in a small area of this mine.

This specimen is just shy of being called cabinet size. This small cabinet size specimen measures approx. 9.11 cm x 7.24 cm x 6.53 cm. The larger of the two fluorite rhombs that make up the focal point of the specimen measures 5.2 cm. This is 100% natural and has not been fracture filled. 

It has the most amazing color zoning that you will find from Illinois Fluorite. The inner or first generation fluorite appears pinkish purple almost red in color. The outer or last generations appear to be colorless or white, but upon very close inspection, there is some blue color present, which can be seen clearly from the rear.

Most Illinois fluorite has little to no fluorescence, however this one has very strong fluorescence. Under longwave UV light it is a very bright bluish purple color, as strong as some of the best Rogerly fluorite from England. Under shortwave UV, the fluorite appears to glow very pale blue or even white. The calcite that the fluorite sits on, glows both orange and red showing two generations of growth.

The specimen consists of about 4 fluorite rhomb crystals but only two can be seen on display. They sit on top of a few large calcite crystals which actually act as a perfect base for the piece. There is also one small galena crystal embedded in the back of the specimen, upon close inspection you can tell that this specimen was removed from the face of a very large galena crystal.

The fluorite is 99% pristine, there is only one small cleave (barely visible) on the top of the smaller of the two fluorite rhombs. There is no damage present, only some slight contact on the back of the specimen and the bottom of the calcite.

Overall a museum quality specimen of this amazing rare Illinois Fluorite.


Back of large rhomb