Druzy Quartz over Chalcedony & Serpentine, aka. Scorpion Silica

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Here is a very interesting and unique, large cabinet size specimen from a fairly recent find near Grass Valley, California. The exact location is a closely held secret of the discoverers.

This is a specimen of crystal clear druzy quartz which has coated a piece of chalcedony and decomposing serpentine. Under proper lighting, these prismatic crystals really sparkle.

It has been named "Scorpion Silica" by the father and son team that discovered it and mines it. In the December 2015 issue of Rock & Gem magazine, a multi page article about this discovery can be found (see last photo). 

I hand selected this specimen top end specimen from what they had for it's uniqueness and beauty. 

This is such a hard specimen to properly describe. The crystal clear druzy quartz, takes on the color of what is below it, giving the specimen a multi colored effect. Where the quartz crystals have grown on multiple layers atop it's self, those areas appear almost white.

This location had to have been in constant motion, with the crystals not only growing in so many direction, but piece that where decomposing over millions of years, and had broken away from it's origin, are now totally coated in druze.

This specimen has points of contact, this was contact was from the quartz coating and not from the matrix origin.

This specimen is a show piece for sure.

It measures approx. or 20.32 cm ( 8 inches long) x 12.8 cm x 8.0 cm, and weighs 3 lbs. / 1390 grams