Quartz with Galena, (SCab), Madan, Bulgaria

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Here is a very aesthetic specimen of Quartz Crystals and Galena. This wonderful small cabinet size specimen comes from the Kruchev Dol Mine, Madan, Bulgaria.

Water clear quartz crystals up to approx. 4 cm long are spread throughout this quartz and galena matrix. You usually do not find these specimens with such clean quartz crystals since they are generally milky. The galena has the appearance of being melted and dripped around the crystals. Upon close inspection you can see the terminated faces on some galena crystals. A few of the very edge crystals have some damage, but very hard to see and no damage to any of the center, focal crystals. 

Specimen measures approx. 5.95 cm x 5.40 cm x 3.65 cm.

A superb specimen from this locale.