Topaz Specimen, Topaz Mountain, Thomas Mountain Range, Juab County, Utah (Min)

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Here is an amazing miniature specimen of Topaz in matrix. This specimen is from Topaz Mountain, in the Thomas Mountain Range, Juab County, Utah.

The specimen consists of a beautiful gem quality, sherry colored, topaz crystal within a druzy topaz pocket on a rhyolite matrix.

The specimen measures approx. 3.8 cm tall x 2.44 cm wide x 2.11 cm thick.

This single large crystal is stunning and measures approx. 1.16 cm wide x 8.46 mm thick. x 1.68 cm long ( length is an estimation since only 1/2 of the crystal is exposed).

This is a gem quality crystal as you will see in the photos and it is damage free.

Specimens of topaz with this rich color should always be kept out of direct sunlight, since the colors can fade over time. They are safe in display cabinets.