Montana Missouri River Sapphire, 1.27 carats

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Clarity: VS2
Type: Sapphire
Luster: Excellent 
Weight: 1.27 cts.
Origin: El dorado Bar, Helena, Montana,  USA
Size: 5.94 mm x 4.34 mm
Color:  Greenish Blue   
Shape: Round Brilliant Cut 

Treatment: None   


Here is a beautiful 100% Natural Montana Sapphire. As with most Montana Missouri River Sapphire, this beauty is a slight color shifter.

Indoors this beautiful sapphire can look green or greenish blue or blue depending on the lighting type, intensity and the viewing angle. In the sunlight, this stone can appear teal in shaded light and a beautiful sky blue or violet in full sunlight. 

No treatment of any type was used on this stone. This sapphire is very clean and has great color, luster and brilliance. There are a few slight inclusions that you need magnification to find, however that forces me to give it a VS2 clarity rating. Even though most of the inclusions can only be seen using magnification, and some might call it eye clean, I grade very conservatively.  With all this being said, to the average eye, there is only one some very slight rutile silk that you might see depending on the viewing angle.  This stone is blinding in the sunlight, tons of fire.

The photos of the sapphire are taken using extreme magnification so the buyer sees the entire stone. The photos really do not do this sapphire justice. 

As with all the gemstones I sell, each stones has a money back guarantee if not 100% in love with your purchase.