Montana Missouri River Sapphire Cabochon, 5.20 cts

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Price: $779.99

Clarity: SI
Type: Sapphire
Luster: Excellent 
Weight: 5.20 cts.
Origin: El dorado Bar Sapphire Mine, Helena, Montana,  USA
Size: 9.4 mm X 5.0 mm
Color:  Greenish Blue 
Shape: Round Cabochon 

Treatment: None   


Here is a beautiful 100% Natural Montana Sapphire. This sapphire has been cabbed (rounded polished) instead of facet cut. The cabbing allows for any natural inclusions to be seen and enjoyed. As with most Montana Sapphire, this beauty is a color changer. In some lighting it is a green to bluish green color. Most of the color is visible when viewed from the sides of the cab. When viewing for the top down, the cab looks almost colorless. That is why many cabs such as this are mounted atop of a reflective surface, so that the colors are reflected evenly throughout the stone. This one has some very interesting natural inclusions / flaws visible. When viewed in the right light, the natural rutile silk shows the sapphires original hexagonal form.

No treatment of any type was used for this stone, it is 100% in every way. Would look amazing in a ring or pendant.

The photos of the sapphire are taken using magnification.  The lighting used in the photos is fluorescent and incandencent with LEDs. The photos really do not do this sapphire justice. 

As with all the gemstones I sell, each stones has a money back guarantee if not 100% in love with your purchase.