Montana Star Ruby, Alder, Montana 19.83 cts, 13.70 x 9.7 cm

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Montana Star Ruby, Alder Montana
19.83 cts, 13.70 cm x 9.7 cm
Found and cabbed by Chris van Laer.

Beautiful Untreated natural Montana star ruby.

There is just about nothing more difficult to photograph properly, than the Chatoyancy in a stone.

This one has a very strong 6 leg star and quite large for a Montana Star Ruby, but to fully appreciate it, see the video. To view a video of the Star, Click Here.

Although Alder has a lot of ruby references in the area, they mostly pertain to the garnet found in the area.

However ruby corundum has been found in the area, anyone that knew Chris, knows he knew where to find just about anything there was to find in Montana. 
Asking $100 per carat for this rare beauty.