Montana Eldorado Bar Sapphire Gravel, 10 pounds, + 20 carats add

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This is our Sapphire Sack.

It contains approx. 10 pounds of virgin gravel *concentrate from the famed El dorado Bar near Helena, Montana. 

This gravel is filled with great colorful river worn rock from the Missouri River in addition to raw gravel from virgin ground. You will find all types of minerals, fossils, hematite and sapphire.

The label has directions for people new to hunting for sapphire or do not have screening equipment. Anyone can search for sapphire.

El dorado Bar sapphire comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. The most common colors are blue, green & clear, but red, pink, yellow, orange and violet can also be found. Sizes over 1 carat are fairly common. Clarity ranges from heavily included, (hazy, fractures,) to IF or clear as ice. 

In the past I have even found some gold now and then, along with dinosaur teeth and bone, all types of fossils, and other types of gemstones occasionally.

Like any type of treasure hunt, you never know exactly what you will find. What most sellers of sapphire gravel do not tell you, is that you usually have to go thru many hundreds of pounds of virgin material just to find a few sapphire. For this reason, ALL sapphire gravel sold on the market is "salted" or has sapphire added to it. So in order to make sure that you fully enjoy your hunt, I add   **20 carats of rough Montana sapphires and garnet to the raw gravel. That is Sapphire added in addition to whatever might be in the virgin gravel.  

*Concentrate means that all of the gravel is screened to remove the large rock.  Perfect for home mining!

** Sapphire "adds" are scooped randomly. I have no control over the size or quality of the sapphire added to each bag.