Rare, Cat's Eye Topazolite Garnet Cabochon, 3.8 carats

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Cat's Eye Topazolite, a variety of Andradite Garnet

3.8 cts., 9.9 mm x 7.9 mm x 4.7 mm

Oval shape with flat bottom.

To view a video and best see the Chatoyancy of this stone, Click Here.


Cat's Eye Topazolite, is a variety of Andradite Garnet.

These chatoyant Topazolite garnet are a single source stone, only found in the Clear Creek Management Area (CCMA), San Benito County, California. 

This is the only known Cat's Eye Andradite / Topazolite deposit in the world.

These cat's eye garnet have strong eyes and even the bottom of the cabs that have been polished flat for mounting, still also show strong chatoyancy.

Although original discovery was said to be some 70 years ago, not much has ever been on the market, making it a very rare collectors gem. 

Not only is this rare garnet chatoyant, but is also color shifts in different lighting from a brown and golden yellow to look more green and golden yellow.

This green color in some light, may have led to some calling them demantoid at times.

G.I.A. did a paper on these amazing stones some years back, and as of that date stated this was the only known source and to date no other has been discovered.

Although similar material has been found in a few locales including Iran, these new locales have been confirmed to be demantoid and not topazolite.