Tourmaline Ore/Gravel

Direct from a World Famous Mine

in San Diego County, California.




Do you like mining or treasure hunting?


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 This is gravel/ore direct from a world famous Tourmaline Mine

in Mesa Grande, San Diego County, California.


In these packs you get raw gravel/ore directly from the mine tailing from a world famous Tourmaline Mine. This gravel

has not been searched in anyway. It was dug into large bags, then repacked for your searching pleasure. 


Here is some information about tourmaline and on the tourmaline mine. This is information from the mines website......

The Mine, known for its abundance of gem grade tourmaline, is located in Mesa Grande in San Diego County, California. The mine is an underground five mile labyrinth

of steep passageways that were dug, drilled, and blasted over the past 100 years.


There are several gem-grade tourmaline mines in San Diego County, but this mine is the most prominent tourmaline mine in the world! Opened in 1898, the the mine is known for producing tons of beautiful gem quality pink and green tourmalines. An estimated 250 thousand pounds of tourmaline and mineral specimens have been extracted from the mine. This mine produced more tourmaline than any other tourmaline mine in the world, for 15 years, including an amazing 5.5 tons in 1904 (the most tourmaline ever produced in one year). But, that’s not hard considering some of the largest pockets have produced over a ton of tourmaline. Tourmaline is found in pegmatite veins that are formed at nearly a 45 degree angle deep into the the earth. There are several pegmatite dykes containing tourmaline on Mesa Grande. The mine is located on the largest one. The tourmalines found here are pink, green, bicolored, tri-colored, seven layers of color, blue cap, reverse watermelon, or watermelon. Only about 5 percent of the tourmalines produced are gem-grade. Many tourmaline specimens have been found at the mine, some of which can be seen at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Tourmaline is a complex mineral, a hexagon boron-aluminum-silicate structure, that can occur in any color. The most common colors found at the  Mine are pink and green in varying shades and intensity. On occasion, though extremely rare, blue tourmaline (indicolite) has been found. Tourmaline is the only mineral with three sides, like a prism. This crystal structure happens because the crystals grow in a trigonal system, which can be seen when viewing the cross sections of a nicer tourmaline crystals. Tourmalines also have an electrical charge that changes when heated, becoming polarized, acting like a magnet attracting light objects such as ashes. Some of the other minerals found at the mine are quartz, apatite, morganite, aquamarine, kunzite, clevelandite, calcite, lepidolite, feldspar, stibiotantalite, topaz, and spressartine garnet, just to name a few.

This is just a sampling of what can be found. Size and amount will vary.







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