Montana Yogo Sapphire Rough, 10 carat parcel

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Here is a parcel of Montana Yogo sapphire crystals. 100% Natural, untreated.

Old Stock, hand mined from the Yogo Gulch in Montana, these sapphire are world famous. Yogo sapphires do not need any treatment to show off their beautiful colors, they are the cleanest natural sapphire found anywhere in the world.

However 99% of Yogo sapphire recovered are small, flat crystals such as these, which makes them perfect for natural crystal inlay work or natural crystal set jewelry. 

Colors range from cornflower blue to deep cobalt blue, from violet to deep reddish purple. Many crystals look light in color when separated from the rest, however people that have worked with these crystals before, know that you can stack these flat crystals in a setting to create a deeper color.

This parcel consists 10 carats of small crystals. Yogo sapphire crystals are usually small and flat as are most of these. Large crystals are rare and are almost always faceted. 

Most the crystals in this parcel are 4 mm to 6 mm and smaller, and thickness is 1 to 2 mm. There might be some larger that could cut a small stone, but nothing over a 2 mm size round if any.

The photo is of the exact parcel you will receive. Some parcels listed might contain larger pieces, so always look at the photos provided.

Each parcel sold, is sold as one complete package, no cherry picking is allowed. If the parcel does not meet your needs, you must return the entire parcel for a full refund.

Presently, more parcels in this size and others are available. If you are looking for a different quantity, please email me.