Montana Missouri River Sapphire, 4.89 carats, 4 Color Changer

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This beautiful all natural gem in on Consignment for a friend and is sale priced to move!


Clarity: VVS2
Type: Sapphire
Luster: Excellent 
Weight: 4.89 cts.
Origin: El dorado Bar, Helena, Montana,  USA
Size: 10.16 mm x 6.06 mm
Color:  Green / Blue / Purple  
Shape: Modified Round Brilliant 

Treatment: None   

To view a Youtube video of this amazing gem, please CLICK HERE.


Here is one very beautiful and very large, 100% Natural Montana Missouri River Sapphire.  Natural untreated Missouri River Sapphire are known for their color change and high brilliance, and this sapphire is an excellent example. 

This is a rare beauty for so many reasons. It's size, at close to 5 carats, are extremely hard to come by in the market, especially one that has not been heated . As with most Montana Missouri River Sapphire, this beauty is a color changer, and not just your normal 2 color.

Indoors or outdoor this beauty will look either, Green, Blue, Teal or Purple and differing shades of each color depending on the lighting type, intensity, and viewing angle. It also can have what some call a "Parti" look to it, combining all of the colors at the same time.

I have tried to show it's many colors in the photos, but some coloring just did not show up in the photos, such as a light violet color it can have under low level fluorescent light. 

No treatment of any type was used for this stone. This sapphire is mostly clean to the eye, VVS2, although in some lighting or viewing angles, some natural iridescent rutile silk can be seen, but it does not distract from the beauty of this amazing sapphire.

This stone is blinding in the sunlight, very high brilliance. 

The many photos of the sapphire are taken using extreme magnification, so that the buyer can see exactly what they are getting, however they may magnify some things that cannot be see by the eye.  The photos really do not do this sapphire justice.